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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my organization have to contribute financially?
    No. KIX pays all costs from design, through permitting and construction. Thereafter KIX is responsible for all running costs including staffing, maintenance and utilities. The landowner will never be required to contribute financially.
  • How does KIX make this work financially?
    KIX management have worked in this sector for over 30 years having built up the two most successful small-sided soccer facility companies in Europe (Goals and Powerleague) who have almost 100 centers between them. The concept is based on a well-tested financial model where KIX achieves a commercial return on its investment through public pay-to-play access during weekday evenings and weekends. KIX operate a variety of leagues, tournaments and host pick-up games.
  • Is KIX a US company?
    KIX is a US company, registered in Delaware. All employees are US based including our senior management team. We are 100% focused on delivering facilities in the US.
  • How much experience does KIX have?
    KIX management have unrivaled experience in the small-sided soccer center industry having delivered almost 80 centers across Europe and the US. KIX works in partnership with public bodies to deliver a new generation of small-sided soccer facilities utilizing the latest in field and wearable technology.
  • How much land does KIX require for a center?
    This can vary widely depending on the shape of the land parcel and whether parking is already available or has to be developed with the new center. Our parking demands are during weekday evenings and weekends. We can squeeze a KIX center onto a 1.75 acre site, but ideally we would prefer a minimum of two acres. Our fields take up an area slightly larger than one full-size soccer field. Thereafter we require a 4000SF pavilion and parking for approximately 100 cars (if parking is not already present).
  • Do you use recycled rubber crumb in your fields?
    NO. Following the concerns over recycled SBR rubber crumb, we opted to use green EPDM in our fields. This is much more expensive but is visually more attractive and removes the concerns of SBR rubber.
  • How Long does a KIX center take to build?
    Once all permitting is in place, the construction period is about 5 months. This can vary slightly due to varied site conditions.
  • What size are KIX arenas (fields)?
    Most of KIX 5v5 arenas are 33 yards by 22 yards. However, we also include in each center one or two larger 7v7 arenas measuring 66 yards by 44 yards.
  • Are the arenas floodlit?
    They are. However, we use a special low energy LED lighting system that directs light down onto the arena with little to no vertical and horizontal spillage. Each lighting column is only around 8.5 yards in height. The system is ideal for use in urban environments providing a 'dark-sky' controlled lighting solution.
  • Does KIX pay the entire cost of developing the center?
    We do. We estimate the average cost of a KIX center to be around $4.5m. This is paid for entirely by KIX with no contribution required from the public entity landlord. In addition, we also pay an annual rent to the landlord along with the provision of significant free access for key user groups.
  • We are a school/college. Does KIX have experience in such situations?
    The management of KIX has significant experience in developing on school sites in both Europe and the US. We are aware of the specific requirements of such a partnership having developed centers on around 20 school and college campuses.
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